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Preparing the Next Generation for Success

First National Bank of Brundidge is proud to partner with EverFi – the nation’s leading education technology company, to bring award-winning, web-based critical skills education to our ten SPIRIT schools. Students grade 4 and up learn Financial Literacy and Digital Citizenship through EverFi’s interactive online modules, and we visit each school to celebrate those who earn their certification in the courses. From Credit Scores to Investing to Cyber-bullying prevention, First National Bank is committed to ensuring students in our community are prepared for success!


 Our Financial Scholars Program educates students on the following:

  • Savings - Students learn about the power of interest and how a few smart financial habits can help them reach their savings goals.

  • Banking - Students learn the fundamentals of the U.S. banking system and how to select, use, and monitor their bank accounts.

  • Payment Types - Students explore the wide variety of payment types, and delve into the world of how to select and use credit cards.

  • Credit Scores - Students learn how a credit score is calculated, why it matters, and how to effectively monitor their credit history. 

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