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The First National Bank is pleased to introduce you to Bill Pay, our easy online Bill Payment Service. With Bill Pay you can conveniently pay your bills online, schedule payments in advance, make one time payments, and even schedule recurring payments.

Using Bill Pay is easy and convenient. First log in to your account through our Online Banking, at After you log in, click "Pay Bills" from the menu on the top. From the submenu you will be able to choose the following options:

Make Payments: This feature allows you to pay your bills through Bill Pay. First, select the payee. Then enter the amount and select the day you want the payee to receive the payment. You can also add new payees at the top of this field. Simply, enter in the payee name, click "Add" and follow the instructions for adding this payee. (You must first add payees to your account before you can schedule payments.)

Expedited Payment: Expedited payments are delivered faster than standard payments. Expedited payments are only available for certain payees and are provided at an additional charge.

Manage Categories: Add, edit or remove payee categories.

View Reports: Generate a report to display on-screen or download.

Search Records: Search for payment records using payee name, funding account or date range.

Funding Accounts: View/Delete funding accounts linked to Bill Pay.

Add Funding Account: Add new funding accounts to use for Bill Pay.

Personal Information: View profile information and view/edit email format.

The Bill Pay landing page is the Make Payments screen and is a central location for managing payees and payments. The landing page gives you immediate access to all common Bill Pay tasks such as:

  • Pending Payments: This feature displays all payments that are pending.
  • Last 5 Processed Payments: This feature displays the last 5 payments that were processed through your account.
  • Autopay: This feature allows you to schedule automatic payments for payees. These will be paid on the frequency with which you select.
  • E-bills: This feature allows you to receive your bill directly into your online banking account. It is available with many payees, such as credit card companies, who have an existing relationship with our bill pay provider.
  • Edit Payee: This feature allows you to edit and delete payee information. Just click on the payee you wish to edit then change the fields or delete the payee all together.


Scheduling Payments: Funds must be available in your Bill Payment Account on the scheduled payment date. If the date you schedule a payment to be initiated falls on a non-business day (Saturday, Sunday, or holiday), funds must be available in your Bill Payment Account the previous business day (e.g. Friday). After funds are withdrawn from your Bill Payment Account to make a payment, we may make the payment either by transferring funds electronically to the payee or by mailing the payee a check.

You may choose to schedule payments to recur in the same amount at regular weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly intervals. For all payments, you agree to allow at least two (2) to four (4) business days between the date you schedule a payment to be initiated and the payment due date (that is, the due date shown on your invoice or provided in your agreement with the payee, not taking into account any applicable grace period). If the payment is an Automatic Clearing House (ACH) electronic payment, it may take up to two (2) business days to reach the payee. However, if the company or person that you are paying cannot accept an electronic payment, the Bill Payment Service will send a check that may take up to four (4) business days.

If the session during which you schedule a payment or transfer ends by 3:00 p.m., the Bank will be considered to have received it on that day. Otherwise, it will be considered received on the following business day. For all entries made using the Services, the time recorded by the Online Banking Service will be considered the official time of the transaction.

Cancel or Change Payment Instructions: Payments must be changed or canceled using the Service prior to 3:00 p.m. on the business day the transaction is scheduled to be initiated.

Bill Pay using Mobile Banking: Once you have set up your Bill Pay Service and payees on our Online Banking Service, you can use your mobile phone or tablet to pay bills within one of our mobile banking apps.

**First National Bank of Brundidge is not responsible for Text or Data charges you incur from your wireless provider while using Mobile Banking.